The Dangers of a Dip in the Pool

Swimming and summer go hand in hand in Las Vegas, and in 2016 there were 50 submersion events in public and private pools in Southern Nevada that resulted in 9 fatalities. Fortunately, so far in 2017, 26 non-fatal submersions and zero fatalities have been reported.

Even though the fatality rates this year are at zero, drowning remains an ever present threat that swimmers must contend with in both public and private pools throughout the area including those within the area’s numerous hotels.

Swimming Pool Injuries

Most fatal pool injuries in Nevada involve drowning. Drowning can occur when an individual is caught in the suction from a drain or entangled in submerged obstructions such as ladders or pool toys. Drowning can also occur following “rough housing” incidents caused by the actions of other pool users.

Non-fatal swimming pool injuries can include traumatic brain injuries caused by slipping on surfaces or striking the bottom of the pool in a dive. They can include fractures caused by slipping and falling on poorly maintained surfaces. Injuries can also include puncture wounds caused by ladders and other equipment.

Pools and Premises Liability

Pool owners and operators are liable for the personal injuries the swimming pool causes to those who use the pool. Those who are invited or authorized to use the pool can expect the owner/operator to exercise a reasonable degree of care to prevent injuries.For example, the pool owner should maintain masonry, filters, drainage systems, etc. to ensure that they are not a threat to swimmer safety.

However, pool owners are not liable if the injured individual unless that individual is a child, or lacks the mental faculties to recognize that they do not have authorized access to the pool such as with Down Syndrome, Dementia, Alzheimer’s etc. In these cases, the pool owner can be held liable for failing to maintain adequate fencing and security to prevent unauthorized access to the pool area.

Liability for Personal Injuries

The long-term care and treatment expenses associated with swimming pool injuries requires hiring the best personal injury attorney in Las Vegas. Individuals who are injured in a swimming pool accident can require extensive medical care and therapy to regain mobility and motor functions. Thus, it is important to hire an attorney to accurately forecast these expenses and seek an appropriate claims settlement so that the injured party won’t be out of pocket for their recovery.