I’ve Been Injured In A Casino, Now What?

Just about everybody staying in a Las Vegas hotel is from out of town. They’ve traveled here for a few days to enjoy a long weekend and maybe place some bets at one of our many casinos. Like any other business, hotels and casinos have a duty under the law of premises liability to be free from conditions that might cause their guests, customers or players injury. The cases come in many forms.


These are ordinarily slip and falls or trip and falls occurring in restaurants, inside hotel rooms, at swimming pools or in parking lots. Falls also occur on unsafe stairs, escalators and elevators. Injuries from these hazards can be serious and should not be taken lightly. Property’s have a duty to provide a safe environment free from unsafe conditions.

Hotel shuttles

Liability can come in more than one form from shuttles. Drivers can be responsible to passengers for motor vehicle accidents, but they can also be responsible for luggage that’s placed in storage in the vehicle. A sudden stop can make a normal piece of luggage a large and dangerous projectile. Safely permitting passengers to board and alight from shuttles also has its risks. Figuring out who is responsible when accidents do occur is just a small part of what we do.

Criminal Attacks

When hotels and casinos fail to provide adequate security, people legally on that property are at an increased risk of criminal attacks by others. These attacks can occur in a casino, inside of a hotel room or in a hotel/casino parking lot. If that hotel and casino knew or should have known of a history of criminal attacks on its premises, it can be held liable for damages to the injured victim for failure to have or properly train security guards, not having cameras and/or inadequate lighting.

The odds are with the house if you’re gambling.  If you’re injured in a casino or hotel premises, contact Blackburn Wirth right away. Don’t give statements to the property owner or its insurer.  You don’t want to increase its odds if you’re injured through its negligence.

Blackburn Wirth is a Las Vegas law firm that concentrates its practice exclusively on personal injury. We recovered $11 million for one client in a shuttle bus accident, over $10 million in slip and falls and successfully recovered $1.1 million in a recent negligent security case.

Call Blackburn Wirth or fill out our online contact form after a hotel or casino accident while the odds are still in your favor. We’re established, experienced, and successful personal injury lawyers. A consultation and case evaluation by a member of our personal injury team can make a world of difference.