Las Vegas Generous Attorney Referrals

A referral to a specialized personal injury firm is an investment.  The obvious returns are the difference in value of offers made before and after the referral to an experienced personal injury trial lawyer.  The hidden returns for you come in the form of being able to focus on your areas of expertise.  You will also eliminate the need to hire specialized staff who know the ins and outs of insurance claims practices and Personal Injury litigation.  Allow us to put the time and potentially substantial costs associated into working up your cases most effectively.  Some lawyers will only pay 15% to 25% referral fees.  Our fees are negotiable based on the severity of the injuries, among other factors.

Below are only a few real examples of cases that were or should have been referred to our firm by prior attorneys.  These cases illustrate how economically, for the referring attorney, it makes sense not to hold onto personal injury cases.

  • MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT—Client came to our office inquiring about a $120,000 offer at mediation.  The prior lawyer handled only personal injury, but did not litigate.  He pressured her to settle during mediation.  Client came in to get a second opinion.  We signed the client, reworked the case, and resolved her case for $1.2 Million.
  • DIFFERENCE:  Had the case settled with the prior attorney, his fee would be $48,000.  Had he actually referred the case to us his fee would have been $144,000.
  • SLIP AND FALL—Client was offered $400,000 during mediation.  Tried the case and received a $5 Million Verdict.
  • DIFFERENCE:  $160,000 fee vs. $600,000 referral fee
  • NEGLIGENT SECURITY—Prior Personal Injury firm dropped a negligent security case finding little to no value.  The client was assaulted in a strip club by other patrons.  The attorneys of Blackburn Wirth settled the case for $1 Million just prior to trial.
  • DIFFERENCE:  Zero fee vs. the prior attorney receiving $133,000 if he would have referred the case to us rather than dropping it.
  • SEMI TRUCK ACCIDENT—Client was offered $60,000 with prior attorney.  Case was referred to us and we settled for $400,000.
  • DIFFERENCE:  $24,000 fee vs. $48,000 referral fee
  • SLIP AND FALL—Prior attorney was offered client’s medical expenses of $68,000.  We took the case over and the insurance company for a large hotel in Las Vegas would only offer $400,000.  We tried the case and the jury awarded $1.4 Million.
  • DIFFERENCE:  $27,000 fee vs. $168,000 referral fee

Refer Blackburn Wirth your personal injury cases by calling 702-472-7000 and allow us to earn your trust.  You will be glad you did!