How Does Personal Injury Protection Work in Nevada?

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) is a no-fault form of vehicle insurance coverage that takes care of medical costs, lost earnings, funeral bills, and substitute services in the event of an accident. It’s not mandatory in Nevada. It’s, however, important for drivers to have it as it caters for costs associated with personal injuries, regardless of the person who is liable for the car crash.

A motorist injured in an accident can file a PIP claim up to a specific threshold. If damages exceed the threshold, the victim can cover further expenses with his or her health insurance. He or she can also recover damages by filing a suit against the person responsible for the motor vehicle accident. A personal injury attorney in Las Vegas can investigate the accident and present proof to raise the odds of the victim obtaining satisfactory compensation.

What Does Personal Insurance Protection Cover?

Medical Bills

Personal Injury Protection takes care of all forms of treatment resulting from an accident. It also covers the costs of medical examination and surgery, including dental and vision. The cover also includes medical supplies and medication.

Lost Wages

This applies if the victim cannot return to work as a result of injuries caused by a motor vehicle accident. The insurance pays the difference in earnings from when the accident victim originally left work up to when he or she returns to work. If the victim returns early from his or her sick leave, PIP may cover a percentage of lost wages, depending on the length of the leave. Injured victims may also get compensation for future lost wages if it’s determined that they’re unlikely to return to work in the future due to their injuries.

Funeral Expenses

If a victim dies as a result of an accident, PIP can cover the costs associated with the funeral. Funeral expenses include money for the casket, urn, burial plot, headstone, and death certificates.

Substitute Services

If a person sustains injuries to the extent that he or she is unable to complete basic house chores, PIP might take care of substitute services to assist with these activities.

Who Is Covered Under PIP?                                                        

PIP provides coverage to both drivers (policyholders) and their passengers. This coverage applies even if the accident victims have personal health insurance. It also applies regardless of the policyholder’s fault status. For these reasons, PIP is a valuable form of supplemental insurance for any motorist.