What Kinds of Damages May I Claim for My Car Accident Injuries?

Being in a car accident can change your life forever. You could be in a hospital for weeks recovering from injuries and you might sustain a permanent disability. You have a right to demand monetary compensation for what you have gone through and lost.

Damages That Could Be Claimed From an Auto Accident

Medical Bills

Nearly all medical expenses related to your recovery from the injuries caused by the accident can be claimed. This includes hospital stays, medical devices and the cost of an ambulance. Additionally, if your injuries are going to require treatment in the future, then you can ask for compensation for those upcoming expenses. You could even be compensated for non-medical in-home care services to take care of you.

Lost Income

The injuries you sustained and also the time of recovery after the accident might prevent you from working. You can claim the income you lost as damages if limited mobility, hospital stays or side effects made it impossible to earn what you usually do. If your injuries could take years to heal or you have suffered a permanent disability, then you can also ask for damages to cover the future lost income. Proving that you will be unable to earn your previous income in the future because of the injuries is very difficult and usually requires the help of an attorney.

Pain and Suffering

Damages you claim for pain and suffering are intended to cover the physical and mental distress that you felt because of the accident and injury. You generally need to prove that you have experienced a large amount of pain or that your current pain will last far into the future. You could ask for pain and suffering if you suffered psychological distress from the accident as well. This could mean you now have severe anxiety disorder and cannot live the same way you did before the accident.

Loss of Companionship or Affection

If you are married, your spouse could claim damages for loss of companionship or affection. This means the accident or injury has made it impossible for you to maintain a normal relationship as you had before. This could mean inability to perform sexually or inability to do important activities that were part of the relationship. If a spouse dies as the result of an accident, then the surviving spouse or family members might be able to claim loss of companionship as damages in certain circumstance.

If you were injured in a car accident in Las Vegas, then you need to seek fair compensation for your injuries. Do not trust insurance companies to do the right thing. You want a lawyer at your side. Contact Blackburn Wirth to talk about seeking fair compensation for all your damages.