Las Vegas Wrongful Death Lawyer

When you lose a loved one due to another person’s negligence or recklessness, Nevada law states that you may be entitled to monetary compensation for damages. Wrongful death is a type of claim handled by personal injury attorneys in Las Vegas. In a personal injury case, the injured person is the plaintiff. In a wrongful death lawsuit, the plaintiff is the decedent’s estate, and the trustee of the estate files the claim on behalf of the decedent.

The death of a spouse, parent, child, or close family member can take a financial as well as an emotional toll on your family. Among the damages you may be able to recover are:

• Funeral expenses
• Medical bills that result from the injury or malpractice prior to death
• Loss of economic support
• Loss of the relationship with your loved one, also known as loss of consortium
• Pain and suffering from grief, sorrow, and emotional distress

At Blackburn Wirth, we realize that the loss of a loved one from wrongful death can create confusion and emotional distress for your family. One of our personal injury attorneys in Las Vegas can help you file a personal injury claim and provide legal representation in a wrongful death lawsuit. Our team of experienced attorneys can provide assistance with gathering evidence to support your claim, accident or malpractice investigations, insurance coverage and policies, appeals to dispute denied insurance claims, and negotiating fair settlements. At Blackburn Wirth, we offer a free consultation to discuss your needs, and legal assistance to help you recover compensation for damages. We don’t charge a fee, unless you win your case.

Types of Wrongful Death Cases

At Blackburn Wirth, we can help you with personal injury claims that arise from the following events:

Pedestrian Accidents

In the United States, a pedestrian is killed in a traffic accident every two hours. The vast majority of pedestrian fatalities occur in urban areas and busy cities like Las Vegas. A significant amount of these incidents happen between 6 and 9 PM when traffic is heavy, visibility is impaired, and drivers are distracted. According to accident statistics, pedestrians are 1.5 times more likely than a passenger vehicle occupant to be killed by a car crash. In Nevada, fatalities from car crashes, as well as serious falls, often lead to wrongful death lawsuits filed with a personal injury attorney Las Vegas.

Sexual Assault

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, sexual assault is defined as any type of sexual behavior or contact that occurs without the recipient’s explicit consent. According to federal laws, offenses that fall under the definition of sexual assault are fondling, forced sexual intercourse, forcible sodomy, attempted rape, incest, and child molestation. These actions typically result in physical injuries and long-term emotional distress that require medical treatments and psychological help. Serious or violent sexual assaults can result in the victim’s death.

Dog Bites

Dog owners are responsible for dogs bites and dog attacks that cause injuries and fatalities. Each year, thousands of people suffer injuries from dog bites. One in six dog bites is serious enough to warrant medical attention, and some result in fatalities. Depending on the type and size of the dog, the size and age of the victim, and the severity of the attack, dog bites can range from minor to severe. When a fatality occurs, a dog owner can be held liable for damages caused by negligent behavior. A personal injury attorney in Las Vegas can help you recover fair compensation.

Negligent Security

Las Vegas hotels, casinos, and other businesses have a duty of care to guests and patrons. They have a responsibility to keep their premises and guests safe from criminal danger. If business owners don’t take adequate steps to eliminate potential dangers, they may be held liable for accidents and injuries that occur on the property. A negligent security claim can be filed for injuries, and a wrongful death lawsuit can be filed for fatalities.

Premises Liability

Premises liability deals with hazardous physical conditions on a property, rather than the lack of security. Wet or damaged floors, loose handrails, and inadequate lighting in entrances, corridors and stairwells are common causes of injuries that result in premises liability claims. In a city like Las Vegas with millions of yearly tourists, a personal injury attorney handles many premises liability cases.